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ADHD Assessment Telford

Navigate ADHD with Confidence with an expert ADHD Assessment in Telford for adults and children

ADHD is a developmental disorder affecting attention, impulsivity, and sometimes hyperactivity. It requires accurate diagnosis and tailored interventions due to its diverse manifestations in each individual. ADHD does not just affect boys - at AG & Co Health, we have extensive experience diagnosing individuals from various demographics, some of whom are often overlooked in relation to ADHD research and diagnosis. We conduct thorough ADHD assessments, utilising interviews, questionnaires, and standardised tests to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual. When you book an ADHD Assessment in Telford we start with a pre-assessment call where the clinician can find out more about you and explain the process. If you suspect you have ADHD, book in today and start gaining clarity and confidence over the challenges ADHD may be causing in your life.

ADHD Assessment in Telford for Adults and Children

AG & Co Health 


Private ADHD Assessment Telford

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What to Expect During the Assessment

With every assessment we promise a compassionate and individualised evaluation. Whether seeking an ADHD assessment for a child or an adult, we create a welcoming and supportive environment to ensure a collaborative and comfortable process.

The in-depth assessment explores various aspects related to ADHD, such as attention and focus difficulties, impulsivity, emotional regulation, and executive functioning, and how they've impacted you from childhood to now. Through our comprehensive evaluation, we gain valuable insights to provide an effective diagnosis with personalised recommendations and effective strategies. For adults we base our assessment on the DSM-V.

Following the assessment, your clinician will decide whether you have ADHD. This is supported by a pre-assessment questionnaire. We can offer personalised treatment plans and recommendations for managing ADHD-related challenges. Understanding the intricacies of how ADHD affects various different demographics is pivotal to formulating successful strategies, and we are committed to empowering you or your loved one with knowledge and tools for growth and achievement. Book in for an ADHD assessment in Telford and start gaining clarity over your life.

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