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Adult ADHD Assessment

A comprehensive assessment from childhood to adulthood, using evidence based diagnostic methods.

Service Description

ADHD Initial Assessment To make a diagnosis of ADHD we will need to establish childhood onset of symptoms of inattention, and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity. We look for moderate psychological, social, educational and occupational difficulties. You will be sent an ADHD pack prior to your appointment which we ask you to complete in advance. This will include: Conners Rating scales SNAP-IV questionnaire Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) In your appointment we will complete a detailed developmental history, which includes medical and mental health history, early childhood development, family and social history and any adverse childhood experiences. We will also complete a diagnostic interview for ADHD. What we will do before the assessment? Preparation and distribution of a tailored ADHD assessment pack Review the results from the completed questionnaires in preparation for the assessment What you need to do before an assessment? Ensure all forms have been completed prior to your appointment Return all pre-assessment material to AG & Co Health at least a week prior to your appointment What we will do during the assessment? Discuss the results of the pre-assessment questionnaires Determine the level of functional impairment and evidence of executive dysfunctioning in different settings Complete a diagnostic interview for ADHD Complete a detailed developmental history with you What we will do after the assessment? Review the notes from the clinical interview Determine the appropriateness of an ADHD diagnosis as per DSM 5th edition Discuss appropriate interventions Recommend further reading and offer expert advice on how to manage your symptoms Offer advice to your workplace, if required, on how they can support you post diagnosis Write a detailed report summarising the assessment, a copy of which will be provided to you and your GP

Contact Details

  • Bratton Road, Telford, UK

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